What we’re all about

The Dragon Inn Folk Club

Another place in Worcester where you can now regularly listen to live, acoustic music from a range of local and national musicians.

I find myself slightly gob-smacked to realise that I’ve been playing and listening to live music around Worcester and Worcestershire now for some 50 years and I have to say that the number of musicians and the quality of what they play are both higher now than I have ever known.

The odd thing is that the number of venues in which these amazing people can find to play to a live audience is more limited than I have ever known it to be. They are missing out on a chance to display their own considerable virtuosity and creativity, and you, the listening public, are missing out on the chance to hear them!

This is why we started, first of all the ‘Worcester Acoustic Music Sessions’ in St. Swithun’s Institute, and now, the Dragon Folk Club in the very wonderful Dragon Inn, Tything, Worcester.The Dragon Folk Club  meets  on the first and third Wednesdays in each Month. It provides a venue for local musicians to just turn up on the night and perform a 15 minute set as ‘floor singers’. This means that we will never know precisely what is going to happen or who is going to turn up to each evening at the Folk Club. Just to make sure that we have some control over the situation though, on each club night there is an invited guest who will perform for the last 30 – 40 minutes of the evening. The only exception to this will be when we have special ‘themed’ evenings, and these will be advertised on this site.

Of course it must also be added that the Dragon Inn provides us not only with a wonderful upstairs room to perform in, but also a range of some of the finest craft beers in Worcestershire.

A famous story-teller once said, there are three elements to storytelling. They are all equally important, and if any one of them is absent or not fully engaged, the process simply does not work. They are firstly, the Storyteller; secondly, the Story, and thirdly the Audience.

Exactly the same thing applies to live, acoustic music. We need the musicians who are willing to perform. We need the fascinating songs and tunes that they play on a wide range of instruments. But also, we need an audience who want to come along and listen and experience this amazing and often under-valued art-form.

The club is currently run jointly by Paul Rose and Barry Walmsley, who together form one of our resident groups, ‘Don’t Mess with Katie’. If you want to know the story behind this name, you’ll have to come along to the club and ask!!

Barry Walmsley