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Friday September 15th 2017 saw the ‘Grand Launch’ of the Dragon Folk Club as part of the Worcester Music Festival. It was a fantastic night, and huge thanks are to in order of appearance, The Paul Rose Dictatorship, Colin Baggs, Horizon Lights, Victoria Crivelli, Set ’em Up Joe and the Worcestershire Levellers. The room was packed, as was the lobby outside, the music was varied but universally wonderful and the audience were clearly entranced. One person from the audience said to me afterwards ‘it was brilliant, people were actually listening, you could have heard a pin drop at times when something quiet was being performed’.

It was a very encouraging start to a new venture!

Having said all that, the launch night was not entirely typical of how we intend the folk club to run. We found ourselves at the wrong end of the room.  The door was kept open (despite noise from the hand drier in the men’s loos) and there was no charge to come in. The lights on the performers were too harsh, and, of course, we featured six 30 minute slots with no floor singers.

The folk club ‘proper’ starting on October 4th will feature an invited guest who will do the last 30/40 minutes of the evening, but also a range of ‘floor singers’, so we will never know in advance who is going to turn up and perform and who we will be lucky enough to hear.

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